Project Love Le La Love

An audio visual interpretation of being in love, caress and then: sex, ecstasy, humor, enjoyment, fatigue and relaxation.
Music composed and played by René van Helsdingen. Solo recordings from 1984 in the Spitsbergen Studio, Zuidbroek. Technician: Theo Balijon.
Artworks by Ramses van Veldhuisen (work from 2002-2017).
Assembly: René van Helsdingen, © Helsdingen Music.

Link to de video of Ramses and René

Ramses van Veldhuisen
ramses van veldhuisen.jpg  Ra2

Visual Artist
His mother is Indo and his grandmother is an Indo/Chinese born in Manado (Capital of Sulawesi). He has visited Indonesia several times and loves Indonesian cuisine. He has a lot of knowledge about the local herbs used to prepare meals. He likes to ‘pitjit’ (massage) and being massaged.

René van Helsdingen

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Jazz pianist,composer
He was born in Jakarta and has been married to Luluk Purwanto, Indonesian violinist from Yogyakarta for 21 years. The marriage was performed in 1987 by the Keraton of Yogyakarta. From 1987 to (the) present he has organized many musical projects and festivals in Indonesia (see his website: René van Helsdingen)