The INDISCH MUSEUM (IM) is a digital museum in which Dutch Indonesian (Indo) art and culture  are central. With our digital Indisch Museum, we want to offer a platform to artists, architects, cultural historians, conservators who, in one way or the other, have affinity with the Dutch-Indies/Indonesia, for displaying and submitting their objects / works of art.

There are many museums in the Netherlands that show the culture and cultural heritage of the former Dutch colony. The three ethnological museums in the Netherlands now form together the National Museum of World Cultures. The former museum Nusantara has donated part of its collection to this National Museum. A large part of that collection will return to Indonesia. The Bronbeek Museum in Arnhem and the Indisch Remembrance Center tell the history of the Dutch Indies and, in particular, the history of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL). We think it’s very important to cherish and keep the history alive.

In our section: PRIVATE COLLECTION we would like to show valuable items that have ever been taken from Indonesia to the Netherlands, and to which a personal story is attached. We invite everyone to share this story with us.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT gives a stage, about two to four times a year, to Indo artists who’s merits are proven in the field of Painting and Drawing, Photography, Engraving and Printmaking, Sculpture or Modern Media. The older IN THE SPOTLIGHT exhibits are stored in our DEPOT.

In our section MUSEUMS, we give an overview of Indo art in other museums, both in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe.

In ARCHITECTURE, we would like to pay attention to the colonial buildings in the East Indies and to the books about them. Fortunately, there is an increasing attention for this type of architecture and the importance of maintaining and restoring buildings and houses from that time. We are very curious about new views on East Indies construction and the influence and interest in the Netherlands for these buildings.
Fortunately, interest in Indonesia is also growing for this collective cultural heritage and its conservation (colonial built heritage).


An impressive example of modern colonial building is Wolff Schoemaker’s ‘Villa Isola’ in Bandung. This beautiful villa is a mix of art deco, Frank Lloyd Wright and American streamline aesthetics.